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Breathe better and happier with our aroma diffuser button. This handy item can be attached to all masks for you to enjoy the sweetness of essential oil throughout the day.


The Mask On Aroma Diffuser Button Bundle comes with:


- Aroma Diffuser Button

- 5ml Candy Cane Essential Oil

- 2 sponges

- 2ml Candy Cane Essential Oil Blend (Bonus Add-on!)


* Note that mask is excluded.



1) Separate button magnet from the casing

2) Turn casing cap to reveal the tiny compartment inside

3) Slip in the sponge provided

4) Add 2-3 drops of essential oil and close the cap

5) Attach the diffuser button to the mask

6) Enjoy and breathe well with the freshness of essential oil.



Mask On Aroma Diffuser Button Bundle

SKU: EO-11-02&05-DB Candy Cane
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