Aroma diffuser button set with 2ml Candy Cane Essential Oil and 2 felt pads.

Wouldn’t it be great if masks smell good when we wear them? Now we can! With our Skinship Aroma Diffuser Button, you can now enjoy the sweetness of essential oil all throughout the day. Simple to use too. 
1) separate the magnet from the casing 2) turn the casing cap to reveal the tiny compartment inside 
3) slip in the sponge provided 
4) add 2-3 drops of essential oil and close the cap 
5) attach the diffuser button to the mask 6) enjoy and breathe well with the freshness of essential oil. This set comes with 1 aroma diffuser button, 2ml Candy Cane Essential Oil Blend with 2 sponges, all packed in an organza pouch, all at $18. Add another 5ml of the same essential oil and they are all yours at $32. Get yours at and breathe better today! Mask not included.

Candy Cane Essential Oil (2ml) with Aroma Diffuser Button

SKU: EO-11-02-DB Candy Cane