A shampoo bar infused with natural herbs perfect for daily use! 🍃🤍

Skinship enzyme shampoo bar is an environmentally friendly solid cubed shampoo which boasts many advantages. The solid cubed shampoo does not require a bottled container, reducing plastic waste. This portable cubed shampoo bar is also travel friendly!

Place of Origin:  Indonesia

1. As a daily shampoo, it cleans the hair and scalp effectively with bubble foam net. 
2. This shampoo uses Chinese herbs like “He Shou Wu” and other ingredients to prevent hair loss.

Coconut oil, NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide), Distilled water, Coconut milk, Fruit enzyme water, Herbs(Radix-polygoni/He Shou Wu, Black bean, Black sesame, Ginger etc), Rosemary essential oil

Handmade Enzyme Shampoo Bar