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A Better Choice.

Skinship was born out of the will to provide a more sustainable alternative for skincare products that is Safe for Planet, Safe for Skin.

As the beauty industry is a huge driver for plastic consumption, we are determined to work against it to combat the plastic and waste plague. Our goal is to be 100% organic & as low waste as possible as our brand grows. We try to keep packaging minimal and produced in the least harmful way possible to our environment.

We are picky with what we choose to put into our products. Apart from sourcing for the most natural ingredients, we studied, tried and tested them to understand the benefits. In our journey, we discovered the abundance of enzymes and the many wonderful things it could do to your skin. Hence, it is made the key ingredient in our signature range of handmade soap bars.

Skinship hopes to translate the beauty of Mother Nature into all of our products— allowing you to live in conscious luxury in every way.

Our Story

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